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The first Keepsake NeedleArts catalog was a natural outgrowth of the successful Keepsake Quilting™ catalog, which has been supplying quilters all over the world with the very latest in quilting supplies and fabrics since 1987.

Keepsake Quilting began in response to the quilt revival of the late 1970’s. Many who took up quilting during this time had previously done embroidery, crewel and needlepoint and a variety of other crafts, and they would often ask us to include other needlework projects in our quilting catalog. But, when we decided to select a sampling of stitchery projects for the Keepsake Quilting catalog, we found too many wonderful ones to limit our selection to just a few. We realized that stitchery demanded a catalog of its own, and thus, in 2002, Keepsake NeedleArts was born! Now needleworkers can find all the cross-stitch and needlework supplies and products that they need in the pages of their Keepsake NeedleArts catalogs!

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